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ReAlgin Makes Positive Thinking your Reality by using the Intuitive Art Method.

" We started healing that first day we visited, down by your pond and Brandon said more to you in that 20 minutes than he had said to doctors, counselors and family members in his 10 years of life. You told me to stop worrying he is going to be fine, and you were right, he is , no one fits a mold."
                                 Stephanie, Jason & Brandon

 Every day we are faced with issues surrounding relationships, sadness, money, self-doubt, “disabilities”, and self-image issues. We are left carrying heavy labels such as poor, stupid, gay, ADD, and everything else from A-Z. Many of us have home libraries filled with volumes of self-help books; we have joined various weight loss groups and some of us seek outside council, only to be left with the same feelings of being stuck and broken. The answers to our problems are not outside of our self but the cause of our problems are so cleverly hidden in our thoughts and memories we don’t notice their presents in our destructive patterns in our everyday life.

 Robin Wimbiscus, Founder/ owner of ReAlign and the Intuitive Art Method, uses a unique art method that allows an individual to tap in to their own intuitive communication .This process uncovers those deep rooted negative thought patterns that ruin the quality of life while shining a bright light on all the beauty and strengths that one has in themself. This awareness allows insividuals to change and grow.

Together, you and ReAlign will discover the authentic, exciting life your are meant to live.

               No previous art experience required.
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